Logo Design Brand Visuals
In order to develop a strong brand, we first take the time to figure out who you are, your goals and your brand story. This is very important! From this we construct your logo and the brand visuals/identity system. This is coupled with a focused brand strategy to get them in front of the right customers/clients.


Online Social Connection
After we construct your brand visuals, your website design/development becomes its extension. The website encompasses your brand image and will be the online face of your business/organization. Social media will connect both your brand visuals and online presence.


Brand New Brand Launch
Once we've gotten your brand all built, new and looking awesome, I don't just leave you to fend at it alone. I can consult with you after everything is finished to make sure your brand is always cohesive in the eyes of your customers/clients.

You've pondered, hashed out, scribbled down (with garbage cans full of balled up paper to prove it), fought and finally got that idea for your vision figured out. Your gut feeling tells you, "this idea will be fantastic!"

You may have established this idea in the market already or you may be just starting out. However, you're struggling with how to develop a cohesive and consistent brand image. That Creative Guy thoroughly enjoys the process of walking with you through the branding process. As we dig deep into the idea for your vision, you will find there's an awesome story to tell. With great visuals, this is the glue that binds together the consistency and effectiveness needed to take you to the next level.

Whether you need:

  • A newly developed brand or refresh of an existing brand...
  • A more clear, succinct brand message that engages your target demographic...
  • A awesome website that's functional, traffic driven and a bottom line booster...

That Creative Guy is here to help you bring the passion for your brand to life through creative, strategic and impactful brand and web design.