Logo Design Tips | Logo Types

Your logo can be designed in a number of different styles. Find out what logo type will best fit your overall brand voice. Lastly, having a good grasp of who you are and why you do what you do, helps with this process tremendously.

• Abstract Mark
• Mascot Logo
• Combination Mark
• Emblem Logo
• Lettermark
• Pictorial Mark
• Wordmark

RunYoMouf Logo Design
#RunYoMouf is a Facebook sports group. Developing this logo and branding was so much fun. The goal was and still is to #ExpandTheBrand beyond Facebook. Whether you’re an avid fan with thorough sports knowledge or a casual fan who just enjoys the thrill of the game, sports brings everyone together. I’m sure you’ve #RunYoMouf about sports through trash talk, heated sports debates and even showing your sports history chops. Either way, #RunYoMouf. Sports talk. All Day. All Night.

#RunYoMouf also has an apparel line and is Officially Trademarked.

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