That Creative Guy Develops Branding for Local Community Art Group

Living in a rural area is a challenge for young artist who are seeking to grow and mold their artistic talents, specifically in the fine and digital art fields.

Shaquanna Nolden, artist and now a high school graduate, is the brainchild behind the idea for A.R.T. – Acknowledging Real Talent. Its focus is to be a after school supplement to general art classes during school hours. With the help of Earnestine Turnipseed, Executive Director of the Floyd & Bessie Johnson Foundation (the parent non-profit), A.R.T. became a reality. TCG was approached by Mrs. Turnipseed to not only become a mentor, but to help develop the brand vision for the A.R.T. group. No prob!

After conversing with Mrs. Turnipseed about Shaquanna’s vision for the organization, I then developed the logo and brand visuals that brought it to life. In addition, we developed a A.R.T. promotional video for presentation to area schools and sponsors to help us grow, thanks to Jamie Mathews of Mathews Film Company. They donated their time to this effort! TCG helped to develop the mission, vision & purpose while connecting the kids with some pretty cool artists. From screen printers to graphic designers to traveling and visiting art galleries, we’ve had a pretty awesome journey so far!

A.R.T.’s Vision Statement:
A springboard for young, underserved visual and digital artists.

A.R.T.’s Mission Statement:
To engage and nurture young, underserved visual and digital artists in rural communities.

A.R.T.’s Purpose:
To motivate young, underserved visual and digital artists through meetings, workshops, speakers and events that center around molding their creativity and developing their creative problem solving.

Developing the brand for A.R.T. was very fun and fulfilling! At times, the most rewarding jobs will be the ones you do sans financial gain.

Check out the A.R.T. promotional video below.